Monday, June 9, 2008

The Men's Guide to Treating Your Hair Loss Naturally

Are you loosing your hair? If so, you are among the millions of men around the world who experience this every year. There are many ways that you can treat your hair loss problems without having to worry about going to the doctor; you just have to know what you plan to do about it and how it could work for you.

Eat Well

You may not think that treating your hair loss really begins with what you eat, but it does and it can be a big problem if you are choosing the wrong foods. If you are not eating well, it could be a major reason that your hair is falling out. You should make sure that you are eating enough fatty acids as well as iron in your daily diets, as both of these nutrients have shown tremendous benefit in hair loss prevention. There are case studies that show that low iron can cause men's hair loss. You may also notice a loss in hair when you are at a certain age range. This is because hair will naturally thin as people age. So, make it a priority to eat well so that you can aid in your hair loss prevention.

Consider Herbal Remedies

There are herbs that can also help with your hair loss problems. One of these is the herb saw palemetto. This herb is close to the drug Propecia that you may have already heard about, which is commonly prescribed to patients interested in preventing hair loss. There are other herbs that can work to help prevent hair loss, such as green tea. Green Tea is a safer version for those that are scared to take herbs that are not as well known. You may find other herbs that are helpful for this problem, but these two are the ones that most people see the best benefits for hair loss prevention.

Know What You Are Putting On Your Head

You may think that you are doing yourself some good by using all these hair loss products, but you may not be. Many products that you may think are helping your hair are really damaging it. Hair dyes, perms, and even some shampoos are hurting the hair that you have on your head at its roots. So, it’s really a good idea to know exactly what you are putting on your head and what it could do for you, or what damage it can cause.

Damage from hair products is not the same hair loss that you may have when you are genetically prone to hair loss. Damage from hair loss products is one of the easiest types to reverse because the damage is not at the follicle line of the hair. So you don’t need to stop grooming your hair or changing the color as you wish to do, you simply need to take proactive measures to prevent hair damage or hair loss.

There are many reasons that you may have a potential hair loss. You should take the time and find out if you are not eating right or if there is something else that you may be doing to help cause your hair loss issues. This way you will be able to change it for yourself and you’ll have a chance to get back to your thick head of hair back in no time.

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