Monday, May 19, 2008

Herbal Remedies for Male Hair Loss

There are many different kinds of hair loss that men have to deal with. You may have been fighting it for years before you finally discovered herbal treatments and their ability to help. In fact, many herbal treatments are as effective as traditional prescription medications.

Chinese Herbs

When you think of Chinese herbs, you probably don’t think about them for hair loss, but the reality is that they can help in many ways. The ancient Chinese believe that baldness in men is caused by an insufficient blood supply to the scalp. What herbs are they using to resolve hair loss?

Some of the herbs that are used in Chinese medicine for hair loss are Astragalus, Angelica Archangelica Root, as well as Carya Alba and Corthamis Tinctorius. You already may have heard of these, because they have been used to treat other illnesses. Make sure that you ask plenty of questions before you take these so that you know what you are getting yourself into.

Saw Palmetto

This is an herb that has been used in the last hundred years by Native Americans and then later by Europeans to help with hair loss. This herb seems to have the same effect as Propecia in most men. You may not notice an immediate change, but it will happen over time.

Green Tea

This has been shown to help people with their hair loss, because it helps to take the levels of DHT down in the body which is a major cause of baldness in men. You should drink only a small amount of green tea as you will not see a larger improvement if you drink a higher amount of green tea.


This may help protect the hair from the DHT in the body and in effect help you with your hair loss issues. This has been used for some time to help but is not totally proven as a solution for hair loss in men.


This is a herb that comes from the African evergreens and has the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase. This enzyme is widely used in Europe and can help to treat your baldness problems if you use it correctly.

There are many different herbs that are on the market today to assist with hair loss, but you really need to pay attention to what you are getting. You don’t want to get a product that you thought was going to help you, only to have the problem get worse. You should also make sure that you are taking the time to talk to your doctor before you start on any herbal remedy so that you are not having any reactions to the medications that you may already be taking for other problems. Remember that you should not feel ashamed of your hair loss, you are not alone and you can do something about it.


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Irshad said...

Chines herbs nodoubt full of curative properties. Chines herb as you describe like Green tea and with them zink is the good source for maintaining the DHT level in the body. DHT level anomaly is also a cause of hair loss and many hair loss treatment info providing organisation are agree with this fact.
Another plus point for chines herbs is these have very low rate of side effects. This is very important important quality of medicine.

Alena said...

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john paull said...

Male Hair Loss Solution

Massage the scalp regularly with herb-infused oil is an ayurvedic key to luxuriant hair growth. Massage increases the blood flow to the hair follicles and beneath the scalp. This helps the growth of healthy hair. Oil massage relaxes the body and mind too.